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This is where it all started.

Before Click and Grow Rich existed...

We created our MP5MS2 formula, which is the foundation for everything we teach.

A first, it was just a Powerpoint presentation...

For the past Five years, we've taught these same principals LIVE around the world, from Hong Kong to New Zealand, from South Africa to the Singapore, the UK, Canada and all over the USA.

Our events are normally TWO FULL DAYS of us holding nothing back (and teaching you how we generated millions of dollars online...)

Following Our 9-Step MP5MS2 Success Formula...

These very same principals are the foundation of our new book Click and Grow Rich.

And now it's been professionally recorded in a MP3 Audiobook format for easy listening!

In this training you'll discover:

MARKET - How to find a hot trending Market first, and why this is so critically important before even thinking about what product or service you'll sell online! (95% get this wrong and FAIL!)

PEOPLE - How to laser-target the right People in your chosen Market (to make sure you can reach them) and to ensure there are enough off them to guarantee longevity in your business

PRODUCT - How to create YOUR ideal Product or service you'll be offering (One that resonates with your 3 most important qualities) -- Your Interests, Experience, and relevant Opportunities.

PLACES - Why it's important to identify and get crystal clear on where you'll want to market your Products or services (The Places you'll sell -- Online, Offline, Both) or what's new and trending.

PAYMENTS - Which Payment providers are the best fit for your products and services (These are not all created equal) and why it's important to have more than one, in case of emergency.

PASSION - Why it's critically important to follow your Passion (There's a good reason there are so many "recovering" attorney's in the world today)... This ensure's you're not 'working' as hard.

MARKETING - The Nine different methods of Marketing, and which ones might be best for your business. (From affiliate marketing, to paid media, to webinars, video, and viral marketing)... 

SALES - How to use the latest in technology and proven Sales techniques (These have been responsible for tens of millions in sales for us)... And how you can use them in you business.

STAFFING - How to outsource the work you don't want to (and shouldn't be doing) with virtual Staff. Plus the #1 best resource for finding virtual workers (That VERY few people know about).

These are the Nine important elements of your proven MP5MS2 business growth formula!

And that's not all...

Here Are The FREE Bonus Video "Labs" That You'll Also Be Getting:
CGR Lab #1 ($97 Value)
CGR Lab #1
($97 Value)
"Webinar Selling Secrets"
In this 4-part video training... 

We'll show how we've been doing webinars  since 2005, and the ONE "Big Breakthrough" we discovered that Tripled our webinar closing rates... (Ever heard of FOMO?)

We call it the "QVC Style Close". By using time-bound and quantity-bound scarcity, we raised our closing rates from 10% to as high as 35%, using this little-known method (Nobody else is teaching).

These are 4 short condensed videos you can get through in 30-minutes to start crushing webinars!
  What You'll Be Learning:
  •  Pre-Webinar: How to use this very important time to engage and pre-position your viewers.
  • The Webinar: The exact platform and templates we recommend.
  • The Close: Our secret 'QVC Style' Close... and how it TRIPLED our webinar closing rates.
  • The Backend: What to do AFTER the webinar to capture an additional 50% - 100% sales (Most people miss this!)
CGR Lab #2
($97 Value)
The "Value Selling System"
  Here's What You'll Discover:
  • Value Selling: How to Double, 5x even 10x your sales using Value-Based Selling... or "V-Selling".
  • Price vs. Value: Every person has a different Price / Value equation. Find it, and you can WIN bigtime!
  • More Customers: "The Purpose of a Sale Is REALLY to Gain A NEW Customer you can sell to again."
CGR Lab #2 ($97 Value)
"Value Selling System"
Discover how to not only GET MORE customers, but to also increase the Average Customer Value (ACV) of your best clients.

Dan Kennedy says: "There's a Price For Every Person, and a Person For Every Price..."

If you match the Price / Value equation for each person, your front-end sales conversions will skyrocket -- Allowing you to push MORE BUYERS into your sales funnels and upsells, and potentially increase your same-customer sales to up to 10x!
(All "Labs" Are One-Hour or Less and Broken Into 10-15 Minute Lessons)
(All "Labs" Are One-Hour or Less and Broken Into 10-15 Minute 'Lessons')
CGR Lab #3 ($97 Value)
CGR Lab #3
($97 Value)
"Facebook Secrets"
"Facebook Secrets"
Making money online is always changing, and Facebook marketing is no exception...

What was working a year ago (even Six Months ago), may not work AT ALL today. We've easily invested $30,000 - $50,0000 hiring 'Experts' and 'Agencies' that didn't produce results...

We've invested another $10,000 into high-level FB trainings, to digest and distill the "What's working now" strategies for today's FB advertising in 2020.

Just ONE mistake you don't know to avoid could easily kill your business, (or at the very least drive your ad costs up 100% - 500%)

Today more than ever, building up your audience online is paramount to your success. We'll show you how insiders are doing this (You won't likely hear these strategies anywhere else).
  Here's What You'll Discover:
  • Facebook Ads: How to craft winning Facebook ad campaigns like the pros.
  • Re-targeting: Discover how to setup re-targeting the RIGHT way (Without it you'll have almost zero chance of success).

     Pixel Placement: Most people use pixels the wrong way (or setup in the wrong place). Learn how a $20M a year advertiser does it.
  • Ecosystem Building: Learn how to use free FB "Pages" to create an engaged ecosystem and audiences.
  • Other Social Media:  We'll show you how to use Google and YouTube ads to get more overall traffic. 
  Here's What You'll Discover:
  • Make Huge Sales: See how we've generated millions in affiliate sales.
  • Huge List Growth: Learn how we added more than 17,000 new subscribers on one affiliate launch...
  • Finding & Contacting JV's: Discover a little-known resource for contacting your BEST affiliate prospects online.
  •  Affiliate Contests: Learn how to motivate your best affiliates to push 5x harder for you on every single launch.
  • Tracking Software: Find out which affiliate tracking software is the best, to incentivize them to sell more.
CGR Lab #4 ($97 Value)
CGR Lab #4
($97 Value)
"Affiliate Marketing Secrets"
"Affiliate Marketing Secrets"
You'll see actual examples of how we've used affiliate launches to generate multi-Six figure and Seven-figure weeks with affiliates!

For example, one time we generated $242,477 from just our top 12 affiliates on one launch... And another time we generated an 'extra' $1.4M in sales from another affiliate launch...

You'll also find out how to grow your list by tens of thousands of new subscribers at no cost, from affiliate launches as we have numerous times.

Discover how to find the contact information for your best potential affiliates (Using this one little known free online software archive)... Top affiliates are otherwise 'invisible' and don't want to be found.

How to run an affiliate 'Contest' for maximum sales and exposure... We've given away TV's, luxury trips, even a Harley Davidson Motorcycle!

And finally which software is the best to track all of your affiliate stats and sales... Affiliates won't waste time on your offer without access to rock-solid tools and tracking software... We've got you covered!
(All "Labs" Are One-Hour or Less -- and Broken Into 10-15 Minute Lessons)
(All "Labs" Are One-Hour or Less and Broken Into 10-15 Minute 'Lessons')
CGR Lab #5 ($97 Value)
CGR Lab #5
($97 Value)
"Outsourcing Secrets"
"Outsourcing Secrets"
Discover the single biggest strategy shared by the #1 top online marketers and biggest money makers in the world --- Outsourcing!

We all have the same number of hours in the day. 

It's how you use them, and leverage your time that decides how successful you're able to be!

Hard work along is not enough. So the sooner you start outsourcing the tasks you shouldn't be doing...

The faster and more effectively you can be growing your online business -- and your income! We'll show you how in just 1 HR.

Learn how to accelerate your profit growth by outsourcing and finding the right virtual people for the right jobs (freeing up your time to do what REALLY matters most -- and you LOVE to do).

  Here's What You'll Learn:
  •  Reasons To Outsource: Save time & money, while getting more work done.
  • Where To Outsource: Learn the best countries to hire virtual employees, for specific tasks you need completed...
  •  Hiring Virtual Teams: How to avoid the biggest mistakes & most common pitfalls while working with your VA...
  •  Biggest Tasks To Outsource: Get our "20 Biggest Tasks To Outsource" list so you can hire your 1st VA today!
  •  Best Resources To Hire: Learn the single best places to hire the BEST VA's -- (It's not where you think!) 
  • Best Tools For Tracking: Easily monitor your VA's work remotely (using simple 'Stealth' software...)
  What You'll Be Learning:
  • Video Secrets: How to make your videos engaging in the 1st 15 seconds
  • Video Tools: Which video recording and editing software and tools we use.
  • Fast Video Production: How to make professional looking videos without having to hire or spend money.
  •  Live Examples: "Look over our shoulder" as we edit real video promo campaigns using our favorite tool.
  • Online Streaming: Learn our favorite video streaming platforms (Hint:  It's NOT YouTube) for video...
  • Advanced Editing: Discover easy yet effective video editing strategies with a simple platform we've used for years.
  • Video Marketing: How to add video into your sales and upsell funnels to dramatically increase your profits.
CGR Lab #6 ($97 Value)
CGR Lab #6
($97 Value)
"Video Marketing Secrets"
"Video Marketing Secrets"
How to use video marketing to dramatically increase your reach and multiply your sales...

In Video Marketing Secrets, we'll share the exact software we've been using for over ten years, that we've generated literally millions in sales using...

But that costs just a few hundred bucks (and has a 30-day free trial so you can profit first, pay later).

We'll also show you how to use this software, and also our favorite online streaming portals to more effectively share your video message to the world.

We'll go over a live campaign, where you'll be able to 'look over our shoulder' as we edit and create a new promotion with video...

You'll also discover how to embed and use your video in your marketing funnels, including how to easily add video to your order forms, upsell pages and even exit offers and downsell offers!
(You won't want to miss this new information...)
(All "Labs" Are One-Hour or Less -- and Broken Into 10-15 Minute Lessons)
(All "Labs" Are One-Hour or Less and Broken Into 10-15 Minute 'Lessons')
  Here's What You'll Also Learn:
  • MP5MS2 Formula: Our proven formula for creating successful online businesses:
  •  Market: How to find a hot trending Market first, and why this is so important as the initial step.
  •  People: How to laser-target the right People in your chosen Market (Before you start selling).
  •  Product: How to create your ideal Product or service you'll be offering (That fits your style).
  •  Places: You'll sell -- Online, Offline, Both or what's new and trending and best for you...
  •  Payments: Which payment providers are best for you to fit your products and services.
  •  Passion: Why it's critically important for your long-tern success (and avoiding failure).
  •  Marketing: The Nine different methods and which ones might be best for your business.
  •  Selling: How to use the latest in technology and proven selling techniques and triggers...
  •  Staffing: How to outsource the work you don't want to (and shouldn't be) to VA's...
BONUS Course! ($297 Value)
BONUS Course! ($297 Value)
Internet MBA Videos
Internet MBA Videos
To accompany your Internet MBA Audiobook, we're throwing in Nine video modules you can watch of a "behind closed doors" screencast of the Internet MBA.

You'll gain more valuable insights by being able to watch the information and examples on your screen, or save to your mobile device to carry with you.

In this video course, you'll learn how to avoid the #1 cause 95% of all businesses fail -- and what to focus on instead...

In this video training, we'll cover each module of our proven MP5MS2 formula that's been behind millions in sales, and selling 3 prior companies.

This is about 'Mastering' your business, and accelerating towards higher profits in the shortest time possible.

Learn how we've done it, at your own pace and with easy to view and listen to videos. 
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  •  "Facebook Secrets" Video Training Lab - ($97 Value) 
  •  "Affiliate Marketing Secrets" Video Training Lab - ($97 Value) 
  •  "Outsourcing Secrets" Video Training Lab - ($97 Value) 
  •  "Video Marketing Secrets" Video Training Lab - ($97 Value) 
  • The "Internet MBA" Video Training Course - ($297 Value)
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