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Want To Win Big In Crypto?

Welcome To
Moonstream M3 

Most crypto investors lose money because they buy at the tops and sell at or near the bottoms for a loss... when they should be doing the opposite... buying low, and selling higher.

It's hard to learn how to effectively time the markets, but that's exactly what we're doing here in our M3 Crypto Community.

Get access to LIVE weekly classes where you'll look over the shoulder of a highly experienced Crypto Trader,  learning in real-time how to enter & exit winning trades!

Each week we'll review a hand-selected weekly Hot List  covering market leaders like Bitcoin and Ethereum, in depth macro analysis, altcoins, and much more. Joinfor live market analysis of what's happening in crypto...

Learn how to navigate high-probability chart setups using custom indicators, telling you what's likely to happen next, and how to time trades with laser-like precision!

Private Live Chatroom

Connect with me personally via our Private Members-Only messaging service on Signal -- The most secure, free, privacy-focused, messaging service available today!
  • Personal: Connect with me personally, as I give you the inside scoop on "What's moving in the Market". 
  • Peace-of-Mind: Have peace of mind, knowing me (and the rest of the M3 Crypto Community) are there for you 24 x 7, often when you need it most!
  • Recommendations: Receive important and timely updates and trade recommendations - right to your phone, tablet, or computer. 
  • Real Time Updates: Up to the minute breaking news, resources, and trade recommendations so you always know what's happening in the market! 
  • We Care: We care about each member of our community. Together we keep an eye on what's happening every day, and every minute... 
  • 24/7/365: This is an active group with other M3 Crypto members, connecting with each other from all over the world. Day or night, 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, and 365 Days a Year.  You'll have access to someone who can help you! 
  • Simple To Learn: Learn simple yet powerful technical analysis strategies to maximize your gains & minimize losses, even during volatile markets. 
  • Community: This is a great, real-time environment where we all come together to share wins, and even losses. Grow together as a community of like-minded people, here to learn together and profit!

Live Weekly Online Classes

  • Real-Time Information: Get the most 'up to the minute' information and technical analysis (TA) you'll find anywhere based on 20+ yrs experience!
  • Gain Confidence: Having my 'in your corner' to share my seasoned market judgment with you! 
  • Look Over My Virtual 'Shoulder': You'll be able to learn faster through immersion, and seeing exactly how I dissect complex market conditions!
  • Interactive LIVE Classes: You'll be getting the most timely and accurate market analysis, with the ability to  interact with both myself, and other traders in the room!
  • Live Q&A: Get all of your questions answered by me personally, with live responses while showing my screen for an enhanced learning experience!
  • Live Coin Analysis: Have a favorite project? Come to class and I'll give you world-class analysis on whether I think it's headed, and what to look for!
  • Hot Coin 'Basket' Review: Every week we'll not only look over the macro chart environment and market leaders, as well as overall market indexes... But I'll also give commentary on 10-15 coins in our 'M3 Crypto Hot List' of most promising projects!

More Live Class Reviews

Exclusive Members Area

You'll also have access to a private members area with unique training videos, to help you get the most out of M3 Crypto...

You'll learn my simple to use strategies I've been using for over Two decades to successfully trade the financial markets, as well as how to use our own market-crushing indicators for crypto.

The weekly live training classes are recorded and available in the members area within 2-3 hours in case you aren't available to attend the classes live.

I also teach you how to use free 3rd party software that allows for much safer trading, and to maximize profits while you sleep (Barely 1% of investors know about this...)

In the 'Training Vault' section, you'll learn how to setup your trading charts, using multiple trading time-frames, using 3Commas next-level free trading software to set profit targets, stop-losses, and more automated strategies!

Interactive Portfolio Tracker

By popular demand, we've included an interactive P&L portfolio tracker where you can easily keep track of your gains / losses on a daily basis and the exchange used.

There's also a separate tab for your closed trades, so you can track how you're doing over time.

DCA Trading Template

Top traders typically use a 'DCA' strategy, or "Dollar Cost Averaging" which is what we recommend also.

Whereas amateur traders often go 'All-In' to a trade, seasoned investors will build positions over time using multiple entries over time, to create a better overall average price, usually buy 'buying the dip.'.

This interactive Google Doc helps manage this process and auto-calculates cost, as well as helping to manage your entire portfolio of positions...

So Who This Is For?

  • Investors interested in more frequent trading opportunities in today's markets.
  • People who want more hands-on training from an experienced trading mentor.
  • More risk-tolerant investors who would like to maximize gains and minimize losses.
  • People who would like more advanced investing and trading strategies in crypto.
  • Anybody that has the time, resources and interest in becoming a full-time trader.

Here's What You Get when you join today

  • Access to me in a private group chat room.
  • Trade alerts during special market conditions.
  • ​Weekly live market training with me to ask questions and learn the nuances of markets.
  • ​Private members area with next level video training, information about new tools and strategies to help improve your trading results 
  • ​Periodic videos and timely market updates to the private members in this group.
  • ​Portfolio tracker software to track profitability.
  • ​Bonus 'cheat-sheets', worksheets, and PDF's.

...And These EXTRA Bonuses

  • Candlestick patterns are used to predict the future direction of price movement. 
  • Simplify your dollar cost averaging calculation process with our DCA Investing Worksheet
  • Use this invaluable portfolio tracker to keep track of your investments in real-time and track your P&L.
  • Chart patterns to identify stock price trends when looking for trading opportunities.

Access to me in a chat room

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Private signal chat

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Learn how I'm setting alerts

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Weekly live training

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Access to a private members area

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Periodic updates to private group members.

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The problem with 'standard' trading indicators is they only tell part of the story (and everybody else is using them).

Our Secret WINNING Indicators give you the FULL story!

This allows you to grow your portfolio and grow your portfolio faster by compounding your winning trades, and cutting your losses early... Even if you're new to trading and have no prior experience with using technical analysis!

CryptoMastery Custom Trading Indicators*

Get Your FREE Access Today. These custom TradingView indicators are built by a professional crypto trader ... And are only available for a Limited Time!

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Here's What You'll Get When You Enroll:
  • Proprietary Trading Indicators:  Minimize your losses and maximize your gains by identifying your next trades with near laser-like precision. Compound your winners and minimize your losses by getting in and out at just the right time ... saving you hours of time looking at charts!
  • Private Facebook Group: Stay up to speed, ask questions, get support, share ideas with the other Crypto Mastery Community and FB members so you’re never alone, “stuck”, or left wondering what to do! 
  • A Private Online Members Area: This private 'Crypto Mastery' member area features online training modules and step-by-step, click-by-click tutorials to turn you into a ‘Master of crypto investing’ in the shortest time possible by showing you how to use these amazing indicators.
  • BONUS Video Training:  Overview of our 'Top 12 Crypto Picks For 2021' Including: Price targets to exit, background on why we chose each and estimated time to exit!
  • BONUS LIVE Weekly Training Classes Online - (Previously $97/Month): FREE If you register now! You'll get 1 year access to our LIVE weekly online CryptoMastery class every Tuesday at Noon EST with Suzi 'Crypto Girl' Lewis and Crypto Joe, a 25 year professional trader and software developer.
  • NEW BONUS: Dynamic Candlesticks Indicator which overlays highly likely candlestick chart patterns over the charts and price action, showing you Bullish and Bearish setups  you can use!
How would you like to enter trades with NearLaser-Like precision, minimizing risk While winning on A Greater Percentage Of Your Crypto Trades? 

...even if you're Brand new to trading and have no Prior experience with technical analysis?

The Problem with 'standard' indicators

  • Only tell part of the story when trading
  • Typically lagging instead of leading
  • Generally difficult to learn to use effectively
  • ​Less effective because everyone using them
  • ​Can be easily overwhelmed with which to use

Our New Trading Signals Allow you to...

  • Grow your portfolio and fill your bags faster by compounding winning trades
  • Minimize losses by alerting you to overbought areas and likely downward reversals
  • Better time your trade entries and exits using simple yet sophisticated technology

Here's What Our Users Are Saying

Stop guessing when to enter and exit... Take your very next trade with full CONFIDENCE that you're capturing the best possible moves with the CryptoMastery trading indicators!

Here's What More M3 Crypto Students Are Saying:


Let's Do It Together!


Limited Time Do-It-Together Program & Bonus Package

Weekly Live Market Review Class Training & Recommendations ($4,200 Value)

Most inexperienced crypto investors lose money because they're buying at the tops, and selling at the bottoms for a loss... Learn how to effectively time the markets in our live weekly classes online!

Direct Access To Me in a 24/7 Members-Only Signal Chat Group  ($1,000 Value)

It's a great real-time environment to share your wins, learn from other members, watch helpful trading videos, and really immerse yourself in the exciting world of crypto!

Weekly Crypto Videos and Timely Recorded Market Updates ($997 Value)

I'll be sharing regular trading opportunities / charts as they are developing on a day-to-day basis and answering your crypto-related questions. It’s a huge time-saver, I’ll share timely updates that matter most!

Private Membership Website w/Training Videos & Tools ($1500 Value)

You’ll have access to a private members area with short training videos and information you won’t find anywhere else. You'll learn unique strategies and how to use our proprietary new trading indicators!

CryptoMastery Trading Indicators To Better Time Your Trades ($4000 Value)

These amazing proprietary indicators can't be found anywhere else and were created by a 20-year trading professional who is also a 'Quant' engineer and a programmer. There's nothing else like these anywhere!

2 Bonus Trading Indicators Including the Investing 'Radar' ($997 Value)

Like the Portfolio Tracker, the Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) Interactive Worksheet, Trading Rules Worksheet, Trading Plan Creator, and an Extra Surprise Bonus -- High Probability Candlestick and Trade Patterns PDF! 

Beginner LIVE Weekly Indicator Training Classes and Q&A w/Me ($1000 Value) 

You’ll be invited to join us in a LIVE training session where you’ll be able to ask your questions, and learn little-known trading strategies, techniques, and technology tips from Joe and Suzi LIVE, plus all archives!

PDF Bonus Tools & Templates For Improving Your Investing ($997 Value)

Like the Portfolio Tracker, the Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) Interactive Worksheet, Trading Rules Worksheet, Trading Plan Creator, and an Extra Surprise Bonus -- High Probability Candlestick and Trade Patterns PDF! 

Free One-Hour Private Trader Strategy Session w/Brett ($1000 Value)

You'll get to spend a full-hour with me to discuss your trading goals, trading plan, challenges and solutions that I recommend you focus on to make the most out of your membership in M3 crypto!

Access To The Moonstream Private Facebook Group & Community ($500 Value)

This group is perfect for beginners, as well as experienced investors since it’s designed to keep you up to speed, and allow you to ask us questions as well as up to date timely information about crypto.

5 Biggest Mistakes Crypto Traders Make Report  ($200 Value)

Learn the 5 Biggest Mistakes most crypto investors make, and how to prevent these… Mistakes like lack of education, emotions, negativity, luck, and learning. Do you make these mistakes in crypto also?  

EXCLUSIVE! VIP Upgrades + 'Beta Access' To New Releases ($1500 value)

You'll also get all VIP upgrades to our services and software, sneak peeks at our new services, software indicators, and new strategies that we're always working on behind closed doors in the 'trading lab'...

TOTAL VALUE: $19,988.00

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